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atelier px: Welcome


orford, qc

Design: 2021
Construction: 2022-2023

atelier px: About

The Atelier is a wood workshop, located in Orford, QC, which serves as the center of production of furniture and millwork used in our projects. The building is constructed primarily of reclaimed materials, creating a space that celebrates the haptic and visual beauty of imperfect and aged materials. The Atelier is composed of a main building, which includes a production and assembly space, and an attached outdoor area that is used for storage and drying.  The workshop also features a wood-burning stove, where waste produced by the shop can be used as fuel to heat the space. The workshop is an example of how sustainable design can create a beautiful and functional space, while also reducing the carbon footprint of the building.

atelier px: About
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atelier px: Projects
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atelier px: About
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